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    Work clothes cleaning, leasing and overall work clothes outsourcing services


    Lindstr?m overall workwear outsourcing service

    Work clothes with chips, subvert your management!

    Management simplification

    Each piece of work clothes is equipped with RFID high-frequency chips to achieve comprehensive data management, which can reduce the management burden of daily work clothes purchase, sending and receiving, cleaning, maintenance, inventory, etc., simplify the management process, reduce the number of suppliers, and make you focus Your core business.

    Safe and healthy

    Meet pharmaceutical (GMP standards), food-grade cleaning requirements and environment; provide protective/functional food work clothes, anti-static work clothes, one-piece work clothes, etc. for different industries such as chemical / electronics / welding / machinery; use high temperature above 70C Cleaning and energy-efficient and environmentally friendly detergents can effectively kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms

    Enhance corporate image

    Clean, tidy and in good condition food overalls, anti-static overalls, etc.; high-quality overalls will help enhance your professional image.

    Controllable cost

    Simple budget: a fixed rent fee is used to help customers control their budget; flexible cost: actual expenditure corresponds to changes in the number of employees; cost reduction: reduces your management staff and time。

    Environmental protection-a socially responsible supplier

    High-tech cleaning equipment saves 53% of water resources and 25% of power resources; prolongs the service life of work clothes through professional cleaning; professional work clothes recycling methods; centralized sewage management.

    Improve employee satisfaction

    Clean, comfortable and decent work clothes give employees an excellent wearing experience; employees can easily enjoy high-quality services; the customer service team quickly responds to employees' needs and solves their worries at any time; reflects the company's care for employees

    How employees use our services

    Before the employee goes to workGet clean clothes in the locker

    Deliver dirty clothes after wearing to the recycling bin

    We clean and maintain for you and deliver clean work clothes to your locker

    Additional service type

    Try-on service

    In the process of using work clothes, it is very important to ensure that each user wears work clothes of the right size. Therefore, we provide try-on services for every employee. In the first try-on, determine the size that needs to be modified, such as modifying the length of the trouser legs, the shortest is not less than 5cm.

    Locker service

    Locker Type: Ten-door cabinet with inclined top/five-door cabinet/single-door cabinet

    Locker size:

    Height (with cabinet feet): 208cm

    Single door width: 38cm

    Wardrobe depth: 46cm

    Rental fee model

    According to the weekly change frequency, we will distribute a sufficient number of uniforms to your employees. Don't worry, the increase in the number of work clothes will not increase your cost, because the actual wear and tear of each work clothes is determined by the actual wearing time and the number of cleanings. Coupled with our meticulous maintenance, the work clothes configured for you can last longer. And we adopt the method of leasing, and we will bear the funds for the one-time purchase of work clothes for you, and charge you the corresponding fees every 4 weeks.

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