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    Clean room service


    LindstromCleanOverall outsourcing service

    Clean clothes/dust-proof clothes/clean clothes cleaning, purification, rental and cleaning accessories

    Clean"Leasing + Purification"

    One-stop solution

    Lindstr?m has high-tech clean rooms in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. Bring a complete set of clean clothes/dust-proof clothes/clean clothes rental + purification solutions for customers with cleanliness requirements.

    Service coverage: medicine, biopharmaceutical, medical equipment and other industries.

    LindstromCleanService advantages

    Flexible compliance

    Provide customers with flexible cleaning and purification services of clean clothes/dust-proof clothes/clean clothes to help customers meet GMP standards.

    One-stop service

    Lindstr?m provides one-stop cleaning, purification and leasing services for clean clothes/dust-proof clothes/clean clothes. Customers can focus on their core business.


    Professional high-level clean washing factory, according to GMP standard to maintain, pack and ship clean clothes/dust-proof clothes/clean clothes

    Leading function

    Lindstr?m cooperates with leading international suppliers of clean clothes/dust-proof clothes/clean clothes to provide clean work clothes with leading technical functions.

    Cost saving

    Customers do not need to invest in the purchase of clean clothes/clean clothes/dust-proof clothes, which is more cost-effective.

    sustainable development

    Help enterprises to develop sustainably and protect the ecological environment.

    Clean room operation process

    1. Sorting? 2. Cleaning? 3. drying? 4. fold

    5. test? 6. seal? 7. pack? 8. delivery

    Clean room ISO 14644

    Clean room quality system

    – Possess a professional high-level clean washing factory, which can meet GMP standards

    – The quality management system reaches ISO 9001:2015

    – The clean room environment has passed ISO 14698 certification, strictly controlling biological pollution

    – The clean room has passed ISO 14644-1 certification (NEBB accreditation)

    – The clean room reaches ISO level 5

    – Use IEST-RP-CC003.4 Helmke Drum Test for batch quality control

    – PMS Lasair III Model 310C Particle Counter

    Our workflow

    Rental fee model

    According to the weekly change frequency, we will distribute a sufficient number of uniforms to your employees. Don't worry, the increase in the number of work clothes will not increase your cost, because the actual wear and tear of each work clothes is determined by the actual wearing time and the number of cleanings. Coupled with our meticulous maintenance, the work clothes configured for you can last longer. And we adopt the method of leasing, and we will bear the funds for the one-time purchase of work clothes for you, and charge you the corresponding fees every 4 weeks.

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