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    Company Profile


    About Lindstr?m

    Lindstr?m Textile Services (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. It is a Finnish multinational company engaged in overall workwear outsourcing services, with an internationally leading level and a history of more than 170 years.

    Lindstr?m's overall outsourcing service for work clothes (including clean clothes) covers: work clothes design, production, fitting, cleaning, maintenance, delivery, inventory management, locker services, etc. Make your management easier and make employees' work more comfortable.

    Since Lindstr?m entered China in 2006, it currently has five factories in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu. In the pharmaceutical and medical, food, electronics, chemical, automotive and machinery manufacturing industries, we have served more than 500 nationwide Home customers. In the future, new factories will be established in Wuhan and other places to provide services covering major first- and second-tier cities across the country.

    Lindstr?m's factory in China has inherited the strict management style of Nordic companies. We strictly control all service processes and cleaning processes, using high-temperature cleaning and disinfection, environmentally friendly high-spec detergents, and the service quality is guaranteed. And obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and EU EN14065 certification.?

    2025 Group Strategy

    Group Strategy 2025

    We are full of enthusiasm and improve ourselves

    We Have Passion to Improve

    The reason why Lindstr?m has become a leading textile service company is that we are passionate and dedicated to our jobs, making progress and developing together with the company.

    Our convenient service and sustainable development solutions escort our customers and our employees with an excellent experience.

    We cross countries, cross departments, and cooperate sincerely.

    We care about our planet

    We Care for the Planet

    Lindstr?m is recognized by the industry and leads the development of circular economy.

    Our solutions enable customers to develop more sustainably. We will further develop our services and solutions to achieve 100% recycling rate of textiles.

    We are the ideal partner

    We are a Desired Partner

    Lindstr?m will accompany customers on the road to success.

    Lindstr?m will accompany customers on the road to success.

    We thrive

    We are Getting Stronger

    We want to achieve the best organic growth in the industry. We understand our customers and their specific needs.

    When developing our services, we focused on six major industries: property management, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, hotels and restaurants, and retail.

    Our purpose

    Lindstr?m Purpose

    We illuminate others and carry out sustainable business growth so that we can care for others and our planet.


    Our Mission

    We are a textile service company dedicated to making our customers' daily work easier. Every day, we work hard to enhance the image of our customers.


    Our Vision

    With enthusiasm and people-oriented, we are willing to be the leader, through convenient textile services, to enable our customers to develop more sustainable